See that aeroplane going! My dad is the pilot’ I remember that to be one of my fables I gave friends in High School. As you all know, a school is a gathering of humans with different characters and attitudes. You get to meet some extra ordinary jovial people and some crazily weirdos you would wonder if they were humans. 

And for the fact that there are a lot of people claiming they are rich in their family, you wouldn’t want to be caught off guard. You also want to belong and claim your family owns Computer Village, even. 

I had an imaginary uncle then in London that brought stuffs for me, I always told my friends. My uncle travelled every week to London. And when he came back, he made sure he came with a different car and a lot of goodies. 

I once told my friends my uncle brought a Chewing Gum that never loses its taste. You will chew and chew and it continues to get sweetened the more it stays in your mouth. I was telling Samuel the other day on how I chewed the gum for 3days and later spat it out. He asked why I did that, since it doesn’t lose its taste. I knew I had been caught off guard. But I still tried to cover up telling him I wanted to try the Macaroni flavour. 

I claimed my younger ones were given birth to in the States, Tulsa, Oklahoma to be precise. I wasn’t there at their birth, but I once went with my dad to celebrate my younger brothers birthday, when he was 3. We decided not to go by Flight. We took a speed boat instead and we spent 3 days on Sea. 

Told them there were so many bus tops on the sea and what they basically sold are fishes. That there was a fish that looked like a Lion, people of that locality called it Fishion. I told them we saw Mermaids when we got to the American Sea. And they were waving at us. That mermaids are friendly beings and not evil. 

Mind you, it wasn’t me alone that did this. A guy came to join us then in SS2 . Abiola would tell us he spent his summers in Chicago, Michael Jordan was his next door neighbour. They practiced basketball together everymorning and immediately after practice, they always had enough to eat. We all believed anyway as this guy looked American. 

I remember Toke, a girl like that. They had almost everything you mentioned that you have in your family, even the latest. There was a time a certain girl’s parents bought a Mercedes Benz 200. Toke said her dad had 3 Mercedes Benz 2000 and it didn’t run on petrol, but Olive Oil and it could recognize all of them in the family. Anytime they entered into the car, The car would mention their name and welcome them. 

Ramon was someone we all believed his fables should have been noticed by the Military as this guy could make you believe anything. His lies were not on 4G Networks self, they run on Optical Fibers. Ramon once told us his Dad Rode on Bicycle to Saudi Arabia. and when we asked him how he crossed the sea, he said the bicycle was a special one and it could fly. 

I also remember him telling us they had a tree in the compound that bore different fruits. That his dad was presented with that by a Djin in the desert, while he was travelling. 

A friend told me his parent travelled oversees and forgot to drop his feeding fee… lol, imagine??? Do u travel outter country without plans???

Kayode made us to under  that his dad fought in the World War 1. He fought along side the Germans and was decorated with so much Awards for his gallantry. That after World War I, he came back to fight Africa War 1 and was later invited to assist China in the Asia War 3. He surely capitalised on the fact that we might not be able to unravel the truth since the event happened in way past. 

High school was fun anyway. Though we all later realized we were scoping each other as in one way or the other, we got to know where everyother person lived and we never saw anything we claimed to have. 

The girl that claimed they had Mercedes Benz 2000, actually happened to be the daughter of a Commercial Bus Driver. Dimejis dad was just a Neighborhood Watch Official of the LAGOS State Government, Yes,  Ramon’s DAD was an Alahaji, but he never rode to Mecca, and they only happened to have lots of fruits in their compound that his mum simply sold them at the market. 


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See that aeroplane going! My dad is the pilot' I remember that to be one of my fables I gave friends in High School. As you all know, a school is a gathering of humans with different characters and attitudes. You get to meet some extra ordinary jovial people...