3.0 leap

That feeling you get when you have your freedom. I couldn’t just explain how it was when I rented my apartment in my 2nd month on campus. I was going to enjoy my stay on campus in as much as I never planned to derail from my primary purpose on campus.
But there was no way I was going to pass through the university without letting the university pass through me.

Yea, I was quite young and vibrant when I gained admission into the university. I had my 17th birthday on a Sunday at the Foursquare Students Fellowship just a month after my registration on campus. It was a general celebration, you all know the way it’s been done now. All the month’s celebrants are called out and we all snap a group picture with a cake. I used the opportunity to take some personal pictures and told friends at home the birthday celebration was a little gig I organized with friends in my room.

I found my courses so easy, except BIOLOGY, not that I wasn’t so sound n Bio, but you all know how University Biology is now. I tried courting students that were brilliant though, but the Biology issue was just so much a pain in the ass.

That actually got me glued to my Biology Text book at all times. Even though I might not really understand those Big words, but I was doing the cramming I could do and using some other techniques to make what I read stick.

Since Biology was my only issue academically,I had enough time to engage in a lot of other activities. I initially joined the University Campus Jornalists, but there activities were so demanding, so I left, I joined JCI, those ones liked so much money, I eventually joined Road Safety Club and I stuck to them till my exodus from the university. It was fun being a Cadet on campus, we enjoyed some immunity to some extent.

It happened one Friday in my 2nd semester on campus. And we all know that semester is always filled with extra ordinary activities. I had always heard about this club then in Ibadan, Triads, and would wonder what they did there. Though I got info of the various atrocities being performed at night clubs and imagined when it would be my turn to engage in such atrocities, like it was a good thing for a good boy like me. 

A particular department had their dinner at the club and since it was Friday, some of us decided to wait behind and enjoy the night.

Clubbing activities started by 11pm and the DJ was all blasting, the atmosphere was electrifying and I wondered if I was listening to COOL FM, because that seemed to be the only clubbing I had been doing on Fridays. We were all flexing and the booze was going round. I had not actually started drinking then, so I just took Malt and was having my fun.

At a moment, a guy just took the mic and told us to be expecting the real attractions of the night as some Campus dancers were on ground to entertain us all. I wondered what that was and waited until I saw the shock of my life. These girls, half-dressed just burst out of nowhere and they started wriggling and twisting to the high tempo songs being blasted by the DJ.

I just maintained my gaze on the girls and didn’t know if I should call my parents and thank them for sending me to the University. Oh, did I even have a phone then? I asked my friend, Seyi, if they did this every day. He just laughed and told me I had not seen anything yet. ‘You don’t mean it?’ I said ‘So this is just the tip of the iceberg?’ I was loving this.

Then like on clue, as the ladies were dancing to this gig by Lil Kesh, they began to undress, and I instantly felt a bulge down there. I stood up and sat down, swallowed some saliva, blinked my eye and went numb. Am I on earth or in hell? I asked myself. This must not be real. Can someone tell me what is going on here, please? I seemed to have lost control over myself.

Later on, these girls began to dance from table to table, without clothes on and entertaining everyone that cared to tip them. I waited diligently for my turn only to realize I had nothing on me. The girl moved closer to me at a point and I began to shiver. If I had not held onto myself, I sure would have peed into my pants. 

She got closer and I just told her point-blank ‘ Please,please,please, am not interested!!!’ She looked at me like I was crazy or something and moved on next to my friend beside me.
The show ended by 5a.m and on our way home I asked my friend if those girls would be there that night as well. He smiled and told me to pack my stuffs from my hostel and move permanently to the club. I could work as their PR.

I knew I would come back here, though that  might not be anytime sooner, and I actually fulfilled my promise by visiting immediately after 2nd Semester exams, but I was so unfortunate to have walked there on my own and didn’t know how I got back to my hostel the following day.

And now the party is here again!!!
LAEP 3.0.!!!
You won’t wanna miss this coz am not going to miss this as well….

L.A.E.P. (Lautech After Exam Party) comes up August 8, 2015. 10pm

Venue: Nest Hotel

Deekay of HKN and GGB Dancers are performing that night and so I dont think you should miss this for any reason!!!
Ladies: Free Regular: 1k Vip: 5k

For Table Reservations & Enquiries:
08031542945, 07067499782

Proudly Supported by: Lautechgossip.com

3.0 leap

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That feeling you get when you have your freedom. I couldn’t just explain how it was when I rented my apartment in my 2nd month on campus. I was going to enjoy my stay on campus in as much as I never planned to derail from my primary purpose...