Misimi was someone I admired so much, she was few months older than me, that we later got to know about anyway. But the chemistry was so strong, we communicated both physically and emotionally. I would sense she wasn’t fine, despite the distance and i would call to enquire what was wrong.
She would be like ‘ How did you know something is going wrong with me? Oh,you are a darling’

I think a lot about this girl, I envisioned the future with her. Thought about settling in an estate in Abk, having sweet kids and living so fine. We would make night calls then from 12-5am on Glo, and one thing about Glo then, if you didn’t disconnect, you could call further beyond 5. Teenage-love. And I would be dozing my brains off in class the following day. 

It was always a sweet feeling and I guess it never came to affect my academics as I had had a very strong GP and I knew how to balance my time, in fact the relationship gave me a boost as I was always in a good and bright mood. 

The 1st day I had a conversation with Misimi was when she was supposed to go back to school the day after the party in Osun state. It was during Harmattern, and the weather was so hazy that morning. She was advised by her friend’s dad not to leave as it would be dangerous to travel under that harsh weather condition. 

I used that opportunity to ask her about her school and we engaged in a lot of discussions. Basically on happenings on each other’s campuses. It eventually graduated to a debate on which school was better, I tried to convince her about our researches and UNAAB producing the best Mathematics student in Africa in the person of Sharunmi then in 2004, this guy would score 99/100 in Maths exams, You would know the lecturer didn’t want to score him 100%. University maths for that matter. He’s a Doctor now in Canada. 

Misimi left for FUTA the following day, and we never talked about anything as regards to love as I didn’t even know where to start from or if she felt love for me. But the moment she left was when I realised she felt same for me. It was just 15 minutes after departure that she texted me and thanked me for the company and everything. I just smiled and I knew I had gotten my 1st Campus love. 

The conversation continued when I got back to Abk, and we would always call, text. It all was finalised one day she messaged me and ended the SMS with ‘ I CARE’.Man, you wouldn’t be able to count the number of butterflies flying in my tummy. I didn’t have to say much. Misimi was mine. 

The relationship got stronger by the day and we would gist for long on phone and talk about how much we desired to see eachother. All those were in the 11th month of 2006.

Our first issue was on January 1 2007. We had made so much calls before that day and even on that day and it was just like we were together all day. Later that evening, I called and asked where she was and she said she was indoors. I jokingly said that was a lie, and Gbam, that was where the problem started. 

‘ Are you calling me a liar’ She said 

‘ No ooooo, just saying, since I heard moving vehicles in the background ‘

‘ Anyways, goodbye, we talk later’ she said. 

I must tell you, this girl never picked my call for 5 days. It got me really crazy, man. I was so disturbed in my mind as I had had no previous experience about love and dealing with girls. I would call, I would text seeking for forgiveness, but it was just like she dropped her phone somewhere. It was so pathetic. 

I was sleeping one afternoon to wake up to her missed calls. I immediately called back and she was like where did I put my phone. So I have also decided to ignore her. I just kept mute and wondered if this girl was okay. She had not picked for 5days and here she was, accusing me of not picking for 5 minutes. 

This one go get craze for head’ I thought to myself. 

‘Anyways am sorry’ I eventually said ‘ I was sleeping ‘

‘ How are you? Did you miss me? ‘ she said 

Was this girl trying to punish me or something. What’s with the crazy question. Well I told her I missed her and I was so sorry about the wrongful accusations. We got reunited and she promised too come to Abk for the Valentines celebration of that year. 

I thought I would use that opportunity to get into her mind and make her love me better as that would be the 1st time we would be spending days with eachother, but I wasted do wrong as it happened that it was the Valentines day event that eventually led to our breakup. 


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Misimi was someone I admired so much, she was few months older than me, that we later got to know about anyway. But the chemistry was so strong, we communicated both physically and emotionally. I would sense she wasn't fine, despite the distance and i would call to enquire...