Tue oct.20,2015.
The present dilemma on campus is becoming unbearable to the habitat of this great citadel of learning. Insecurity of life and property has become the order of the day whereby students cannot sleep with their two eyes close nor neither can they relax in their environment due to the fear of masked men. This insecurity has repetitive for the past five months without the support of the school management nor the entire Ogbomosho Community security agency upon until last week when the school management met with the community for her first meeting which till this moment has failed to yield a lasting effect.
As concerned students and young leaders of our noble nation, we hate to have rape victims, assaults victims and homeless students as colleagues when Four {4} dangerous armed men come knocking on doors stealing our young girls prides and rendering our male useless and deformed.
Owning to the present state of Oyo and Osun State in the payment of their working staff where most of our students are from and their parents or guardians resides; most of our students complain bitterly day by day to seek the support of the union to speak for them with the management as to extend the portal so as to give room for the concerned students. We students are faced with the danger of insecurity, closure of portal, poor health care to mention but few, yet a threatening situation of losing their studentship is very devastating.
Since the beginning of this administration, many promises as being made by the senate to develop LAUTECH community for the comfortably of we the student, its quite sardonic to see that the senate has only left the student with empty promises. The extension of the Health Center is yet to be implemented, improved health care facilities is still only a dream, the road bumper and road blocks are yet to be seen the President said”.
As a students, our priority is to graduate from our alma mata with good grades which is only possible through the support of the management and our lecturers. Its unbearable that as students, we cannot achieve our goal, we cannot live our dreams, we are unable to acquire enough training to prepare us for the unclear future, which is only the social, academic and moral life of student has being destroyed due to the lackadaisical attitude to the management to the student. In lieu of the aforesaid statements, we here by say our prayers:
1- Converting Lautech from a non-residential to a residential institution within the shortest span of time, in order to foster peace, unity and progress among Ladokites and the good people of Ogbomoso.
2- The senate should arrest the situation of insecurity and insurgency in the community.
3- The policy of proper identification of students should be made.
4- The moral, social and academic life of students should be stabilized by the proper release of semester result.
5- The university body should facilitate the construction of good roads, provision of solar street lights at all students residence around the school.
6- The epidemic of awaiting results {AR} should be eradicated.
7- Our Health Center should being extension without any further delay.
8- Extension of portal closure date till last day of Examination
9- Renovation of Lectures hall with improved public address systems, projector screens and effective cooling system.
10- The pre- degree students who attained all required qualifications {250 cut-off mark} should be given preferential treatment above the Jamb Students.
11- Subsidy in the extortion of #250 for the Collection of statement of result at a beginning of every academic semester to #50.
12- The reversal in the increment of the acceptance fee for all fresher’s from #20,000 to #30,000.
After reading the resolution to the Students Populace he applauds those who made yesterday protest a reality. He latter extended his appreciation to all organization leaders, Activists for the assistance rendering to this administration.
He later moved to Owode Police Station with The Dean of Students Affair Prof. Olabiyisi, Deputy Dean Dr Isola, Lautech Security Agency his Executives, NANS ZoneD Gen Sec. Comr Oloja, JCC Gen. Sec. Comr Hypertek, NANS Director Dr Young, Mayor15 NLV and numerous of comrades in the field of struggle to held a meeting with the Commissioner of Police Oyo State in person of Mr Leye Oyebade and the Area Commander Owode Police Station.
The CP who spoke with aggressive and sympathized with the students who had fall victims that such would not repeat itself. He assured the Union leaders and make vow to send more security personnel from Mokola next week. And latter urged the union leaders to communicate with their student that any students being arrested after 11pm would face the consequence. He also plead with the leaders of the union on identification of the black spot of these evil men so that his coming would not be effortless. The Commissioner of Police who appeal to the union leaders to stop blocking of Highways and later appreciate solace for his wealth of experience for leading the students in a rightful way.
The Solace lead Administration and Confidence Contingent leaders in Lautech gives trailer load of appreciation to the Nans Zonal leaders who made the solidarity movement a reality. We are indebted if we failed to appreciate Comr OLOJA Olanrewaju, Hamzat Jamiu, Oke Oluwasun, Okelade Emmanuel and gross of people who made it awesome.
Ki eku ile gbo ko so fun toko…Lautech would be great again.
Aluta Continua, Nothing shall discourage us.
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 PRESS REPORT FROM LAUTECH UNION ON THE ISSUE OF RAPPING AND INSECURITY. Tue oct.20,2015. The present dilemma on campus is becoming unbearable to the habitat of this great citadel of learning. Insecurity of life and property has become the order of the day whereby students cannot sleep with their two eyes...